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Thursday, July 22, 2010


I am so thrilled for today,...seriously at 4am last night i woke up (due to dog craziness)- but i was not able to go back to sleep. I kept thinking "Ethiopia, Holt, court dates" over and was like i was counting sheep. And then today i find out that the first two groups of 2 trippers have their court dates!!! woo hooo I want/need/am so anxious to see how ths new system will work. It seems these families got thier dates about 3 months after submitting the request to the courrt. Soooo if we submit mid-September then mid Dec or early Jan is when we will get to go for our first trip (i hope)...amazing...its getting much more real for me now. All the official paperwork this week, new pictures, immigration, and now court dates! Wow!!!! I just want Little Man S here for spring break for our huge easter brunch and neighborhood egg hunt (i have a super big yard and lots of flowering trees so we always have a hunt here, with brunch and such)...i know many hope for their kids to be here by the end of the year or xmas ...i just hope for easter .

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