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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

working on committee and why can't addresses be simple

So tons of mail has been returned from our home-study agency due to a mix-up in address....oh well- things will get there in time. We are still very much ahead of schedule- especially since th e courts are all backed up right now. I really am needing to see the "two trippers" begin to get the court dates and start the "in country" process...otherwise i have this intense anxiety that whole the Ethiopian program is in danger- which means us and baby S. On the Yahoogroup there are many "two tripper" families who have been waiting months for a court date...i am nearly as anxious as they are because i really need to know the process is moving along and we arent in some endless holding pattern.
On another note- we are registering for our adoption education courses...we must complete 10 hours and are using for this. I am not certain how this works- if we both have to watch and learn at the same time or what. We will figure it all out.

So its my birthday tomorrow and i dont even feel like its "birthday season"- i almost forgot...i thought it was on thursday, I am a day off- haha. I've already gotten my cute orange kitten (i need to load pictures)- trip to see friends and family in Fl (100$ from mom and step dad!) and a nice big metal sun to hang on the front porch from John and Gabe- i hope to go out with some friends on Friday- then that shall wrap up my birthday week!

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