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Friday, June 18, 2010

paper-chasing pregnancy DOES result in weight gain

Ugh i swear i need to be in the gym- my "paper pregnancy" has caused 7 lbs of weight gain!!!! Next week i will have tons of time for the gym- no work and Gabe will be with his dad's family. Today is a good day in that all our materials and documents are finally with our home study agency...i hope we have our final report done by the first week of July (barring a delay with July 4th!) That means we can move on to more grant writing and immigration paper work (this will be our "homework" for August)- Documents for dossier will be homework for August and September- then we are done with the endless paper chasing...i hope... and just wait and wait... Two other families (not from our agency) have their court date for the new "two trip" program....when will the families from our agency begin to get theirs!?!?!?!? So crazy

I am also emailing all the questionnaires to Erin from the Waiting Child Program on Monday.... they are nearly complete. I want John to reread them once more..... At that point i am not sure how long we wait until the committee meets....look- more waiting!!?!

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