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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Its a boy- a 12 year old boy! Our new sponsored child from HOPECHEST

Well i had intended to allow my honors geography class to help pick some of our charities we will be working on for our service learning- geography curriculum this year...but this blog has gotten me jumping the gun :) We are now sponsoring a 12 year old boy from Trees of Glory center, about 60 km outside of Addis . We sent him a letter and pictures today online. I wish we could send carepackages but HOPECHEST does that for us for birthdays and christmas. I have started following Karens blog and am just moved by her adoption and work with HOPECHEST. I am so jealous she gets to go visit Trees of Glory in November. Well, hopefully that will be close to the timne for a possible court date for us and baby S.
Other news- we have been notified that both parents do not have to travel for court. I do beleive I may be going alone, in this case. This will enable us to save the money we would have spent on John's travel for the second trip. Other wise there would just be one of us picking up our son. This way we both get to take him home.
OTHER NEWS- all documents are in for our homestudy and they are working on the report!!! My HS agency is great, they may be kinda far away but they email me back all the time. Time to get the immigration forms ready- and cop[ies of the agency liscenses ready. ALSO- all questionnaires complete for committee... i am not sure if other families are applying for him. I hope and pray they are not...its as if he is already ours in our hearts. I know we must go through the process.
NEWS ABOUT BABY S- I mentioned his case is a bit different than most children being adopted through HOLT. In baby S's case- he was found around Xmas totally abandoned and taken to the Sister's Mission of Charity- the Mother Theresa Care Center. This is a very large complex that has been in Ethiopia snce 1973. They have a school/care center for HIV + children as well as a center for totally abandoned children. They also are cojoined to a hospital. I did not think baby S was still there until I "met" (online) another woman who has her son there, awaiting a court date. Her son has a very similar story to Baby S. Apparently they will be taken to the HOLT care center right before court. I am not sure of the logistics of this new relationship between HOLT and the Mother Teresa Center, and hope to find out more.
OK.... off to get some work done. Need my yearLY TB test- I will be working with an Autistic person this year agAin...but this time its an adult. I usually work with children. And he is my neighbors son! She needs a care giver starting in August for outings and such, just twice a week or so. He already loves two of my dogs, so I am sure we will take them to the park for walks and such... I am excited about this little part time job....if you are counting, this will be job three .... teaching during the week, music school on Saturdays and working with Robert twice a week. I would love to just have the two very part time jobs and take a little time off teaching...maybe in 2011/2012. Thanks god for FMLA time i get for after the adoption, and my summers off

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