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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

working nights

Most of my family and friends know i have a night time job at a little music academy here in Columbia. Its low-key and fun. Despite the days i wrestle with the Mac- i have fun here. I seems to always work two jobs- I am not sure there has been a time when i had just one job. I am so excited for summer to be here- then I will only be working nights.

Next week my mom is coming and we have our first homestudy meeting.... on our way to Charlotte/Great Wolf Lodge.
I have also been trying to think of fundraising things....yard sale, something-crafty-etsy like (i need to learn to knit, maybe a benefit show with two of the bands from the music academy, tapping into retirement (only johns allows us to borrow)- do i even have time for a third job?!?!

the price for just one round-trip airline ticket from Atlanta is between $1,500 and $1,800 - we have to get three tickets RT and one one-way..... but the earliest would be like next February...yet i am still obsessing about it!! i hate airline travel stuff!

OTHER NEWS- i finished the first TRU BLOOD book and watched the first three shows...i am not really liking Anna Paquinn's bond hair...its annoying me...the show is pretty campy, but what did i expect hehehe

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