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Saturday, April 24, 2010

USC PhD Orientation

I had my orientation on Wednesday evening for my new PhD program in Curriculum and Education- This program at USC has newly been revamped and focused on diversity and multicultural education- right up my alley. I do not need to go into coursework knowing what i want to research- i will have about 2 years to develop my research goals. I have many things swimming in my head....i am sure i will touch on that more later.

Gabe and i actually stayed home Wednesday- we both had high fevers in the morning. I hate missing school. I ended up not going to my doctors appointment yesterday b/c i had too much to make up at work. So i do not have my medical profile sheet doe...but it will get finished soon.

The volcano on Iceland really has messed up the processing of adoption forms due to causing shipping/ postage delays :( I am hoping all the forms are finally making it to Ethiopia and these important court dates can be met.

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