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Sunday, April 11, 2010


Ok so in my heart and mind i feel, after discussing it with my husband and step daughter (she may be one of the most level-headed 14 year olds i know)- we have decided to stick with HOLT and strive for a 2 to 5 year old boy from Ethiopia (though Danielle and my mom so want a girl) in reality when i view the photo listings a girl could very well "speak to us". Right now i have requested information abut a very special 2 (give or take, unsure of actual birthdate) year old little boy whose eyes have caputured my soul. We are pretty early in the process since the earliest we can be officially matched is October 8th (our 2nd anniversary)- so i would hate for the little guy to have to wait longer than he should. I hope another wonderful family takes him into their home.
Side note- i am returning to school/work- spring break is over!!!...not super excited although i miss my students. I am hoping next year i can work part time and take classes towards my degree (i am sure that will cost $$ to amend in my homestudy come august)

I am finished with my "autobiography" section of the homestudy and am starting to work on our finanical statements....but John hasnt done his taxes. i am pissed off...he also hasnt accessed his documents from the attic or started this part of the paper work. I am not sure where he is in all this...we talked friday about starting all the paper work now...i think the earliest we would be matched is Oct/November or after ( we are going through the waiting child program so it wouldnt be a super long wait....) So it seems he wishes to stall....doesnt he realize the red-tape of this whole process and the newly added "two trip" requirement will stall us enough???
We will see what kind of progress can be made this week....birth certificate will be here via UPS tomorrow (they called me tonight with some auto-confirmation that it will be on the truck for delivery)
I am starting some of my adoption online training this week too.....


  1. Welcome to the Holt family...I hope your little one is home very soon!

  2. thanks for visiting.....i gotta bling out my blog now and make it look cute :)...yay for sick days