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Monday, April 19, 2010

Grants and Vegetarianism

Hi all...we are amassing references, tax documents and john is finishing his "auto biography"- got our contract from the home-study agency. We only have to put half down- so that makes me happy. Once our home-study is complete we can start applying for grants. I have a favorite WC (waiting child)- i hope he gets matched soon....but if he is still there come July (after home study and grant applications are rolling) then we may seriously consider him. Gabe and I are getting our medical reports this week :) Once john gets his medical and autobiography done we shoud be in good shape to start planning our interviews.

Other news- my throat is killing me....i dont see spots but feel horrible. I can not afford to miss work..i will miss half day friday for my doctors appt. This week is crazy busy- my evening work schedule is all switched around...i have orientation for USC on Wednesday evening, I am supposed to hang out with a friend who is moving on Thursday evening... oh yeah, i also need to teach and spend time with gabe *promised to take him swimming. It didnt happen tonight because i had to work. I may just try and take half a day tomorrow and half a day Friday.
I have to get gabe to the doctor tomorrow and wanted to try and take him swimming- maybe i can take him after my doctors appoint on Friday ....ugh - NOT ENOUGH TIME IN THE DAY!

OK lastly- i have gone back to being vegetarian- i feel i am asking alot of the universe right now- that all our adoption redtape goes smoothly, that we get the grant we need, that we can both keep our jobs and save $$$, that i am able to also have financial aid for school....(found out certified teachers get a discount!!) So since i am asking alot of the universe i have made it a personal choice not to put forth more suffering in the universe (even of the cows, pigs and chickens)- ...i have had lots of tofu as of late...not many eggs though...i am not going back vegan, i dont think i can be that strict and still save money.

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