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Thursday, June 27, 2013

A mere six hours from now...

I will be packed in my car- a large bag, a smaller rolling carry on, me in my new comfy travel skirt (always a skirt), reviewing my itinerary. My husband will drive me to the airport, with our smallest one in tow. I will board a plane at 7ish and be in my way to our little girl. Gabe is staying over at one of his best friends houses, so that he may still get to camp on time, and not be abruptly awoken at 4am to get in the car.
I have been so anxious, boarder line giddy-frantic. I have worked up until today, and banked enough hours so that my taking off two weeks should be ok. I have a great place to call my 'work' because i will be able to take K with me to work, its very low key.
I have gotten her room almost all prepared...printed several pictures of her and I from court, her sister and her while they visited for that court date and her new family....i hope her room feels like home. I expect she may be lonely and want company. Would she dare want to share a room with a hyper up mischievous 5 year old from time to time....or will she tough it out and adjust to having her own room for the first time in her life?
What is more remarkable is that her sister will be visiting with us both....we will all get to be in the same room together. I am amazed and anxious...again bordering on that giddy to frantic state of mind. Our care center in in a bit of a transition. Horizon House is moving to a new facility where all staff, plus guest house, clinic, and care center is in the same compound. This agency really is very hands on with its children and feel it is the best for all involved to have one central location. I hope the new facility is amazing and the children involved are able to navigate this transition in stride.
Whew....i am just kind of amazed and ready for this to begin. I am really trying to grasp and internalize what it will mean for K to move here, to gain this huge new identity and struggle with what to do with her former self....i truly do not want her Ethiopian self to really be 'former'. However, i fear she may believe that she will be expected to abandon her culture. After all she has lost, i really hope she doesn't struggle with this internal strife as well.
-So it begins....

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  1. I can't wait to hear about the new Horizon House. Please update us when you get back. Safe travels and happy homecoming!