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Sunday, June 9, 2013

still here....still waiting...lets look at pictures

Hi all. We were informed last week that out of the 5 families who went to court with me (well all 4 were the day after mine, but we are close enough to a group)- anyhoo- 3 of them were submitted to the embassy. We were not one of them, also a second family to an older child was also left out. This was due to an extra TB test that the embassy requires of older children. The test was already done, they were just waiting for the lab results. Should all be good then we will be submitted tomorrow (in just a few hours, in Ethiopia time) I am hoping and praying that this happens. Then in about two or three weeks we will be on a plane~!!

     Things have been really busy here but we are working hard to get K's room ready, finally! I am also working with a camp for two weeks, still doing curriculum development with Sustainable Carolina and trying to get the boys to get out swimming a few times a week. We visited with Johns family today- his nephew graduated high school last week. I am hoping/planning/praying Sam can join us on our trip- but we are still awaiting IRS stuff to be straightened out. We spoke with them last week and i hope our return, or part of it, will be here in time for him to come. If not we are developing a plan for his care- not the easiest thing to get arranged. ....we will plan for the worst and hope for the best


someones bedding!

I have been working with the great organization that helps train these adorable pups to be service dogs

Sam at the water park part of Carowinds

Gabe and his friend at the rock climbing wall at the zoo:

These boys have been such great friends since 4k!

Gabe made a new friend


Sams end of year pic nic

This guy trying to maintain order in our little pool

Last week of school- he thinks its summer already

A swing was installed!

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