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Saturday, June 1, 2013

SO amazed

WOW!! amazed, taken by surprise. We got a large "donation" yesterday towards our travel fund... a plane ticket for Sam!? totally not expected and so overjoyed :) I just have faith that doing good for other ans\d for causes you believe in ends up awarding the 'doer' in so many ways....i am lucky and so fortunate to be able to give back to the community here and to be given back to is just completely unexpected but so so so welcomed. I really believe that Sam, John and I can all travel to get Kidist :)

We still aren't certain when we will be submitted to embassy but i expect an email any day now. John has started in K's room, and I am trying to plan for a former student of mine, currently at USC and who is Habesha :)  to begin work with her so we do not loose Amharic. I also hope to have Sam re-learn his language ! So much coming together.
Work (both of my 'jobs') has been a flurry of activity-lots of great programs being planned!
I am happy and busy and tired and excited

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