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Monday, June 10, 2013

WOOHOO officially submitted!

we were officially submitted today! So excited. Other people in my court group already have return embassy dates for next week (two families). I am super excited. Still trying to plan the best use of our travel funds. We  are concerned with having some of Johns family stay with Sam- there's just concerns with Sams behaviors and having someone we feel confident to care for our dogs. So if we don't have the $ to take all of us, then it may just be me. That way i would have the $ to visit K's home village too and extended many decisions. I hate for John not to be able to go- but he has significant concerns with not having much support for Sam-care, we do not have many options. We will see where the funds are. I expect to be buying tickets i a week or two.


  1. As bad as everyone wants to go (trust me, I get it), keeping things somewhat "normal" for Sam while you're away will make the transition when you do get home a tad-bit less dramatic. Me traveling for B alone and Lance staying with Ty was the best decision ever. We were in the same situation, just no one he would have felt 100% comfortable with here.

    1. Leah Ann- i couldn't remember how you guys ended up doing it. Did you all go for court for B? Has Ty returned at all?
      I really want Sam to go back and feel like i shouldn't miss the opportunity. Of course I also have the option to take Sam with me solo....that kinda scares me....alot