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Monday, July 8, 2013

blue birds hotel, Kidist and Fruit ninja

i have so much to say and explain and describe about my very eventful embassy trip. We are home! Kidist is resilient, beautiful, creative and artistic little girl who has been so brave, and really extended herself to embrace her new family. She has timid moments, but they are few. Sam is so in love with his new big sister and Gabe has embraced being a big brother to a little girl who is much more patient, calm and attentive compared to Sam. I stayed at the Blue Birds hotel instead of the Horizon House Guest house. The guest rooms are not ready and at this time they are likely choosing a different direction and using the rooms who would have been a guest room for older children's games/learning. I had Wifi but only had my Kindle- which does not have an app that I can use for Blogger :( I will type more as the thoughts come and my mind is not like mashed potatoes. I have tons of Facebook, so i will get some pictures up here.

Kidist mastered some games on my Kindle- one being Fruit Ninja :)

She is brave and excited- loves her dolls and will patiently be 'taught' chess by Gabe, while also spending time wrestling and tickling Sam....beautiful girl.
Selfie- day one !

Love this was across from my hotel

Dressed up for embassy :)

Kidist took this picture- I gave her this doll right before we went to a traditional dinner. 
Baby Princess Tiana came along!

So beautiful right before the coffee ceremony

Just landed in DC!!!

Wasting time, 3 hour layover in Dulles!!

Lounging on our first morning together

Not a great picture but her smile shines thru!!!

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