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Monday, July 15, 2013

joys and concerns

At my church we do a frequent activity called 'candles of community' in which people from the community, church members etc come up and light a candle in the name of some significant joys and concerns in their lives.
I dont go up too often, but felt the urge to put them here.

Countless shrieks and giggles from two little Ethiopian children who seem like they grew up together- the instant love is amazing and i hope it never fades
A husband who is supportive and patient with me and the children, a fun dad that specifically goes out of his way to make sure he spends some one on one time with each child.
Two glasses of wine- right now there are two on the table next to me....i poured one and because John is always to attentive, he poured me one....not realizing - woo hoo
The sheer excitement of a little boy so overjoyed it wasnt raining that he ran to the pool and jumped in, with his socks on!!!!
My work- i love researching and developing curriculum and managing education research/projects for our local schools and charter school development
My animals- my beautiful tortoise has a new outside 'habitat' and my doggies all love one another.
My fearless new daughter who even during times of slight concern, digs her heels in and stays present, with us and engaged with our family. She could shut down out of grief and fear and even though she is likely feeling those things, she has remained 'with us' and willing to experience anything.
Our new schools for this upcoming year

Raising a son of color in a post Trayvon Martin verdict world
My Lula dog- she is loosing sight, hearing and i think a bit of dementia is setting in :(
My kitchen floor- really it sucks, its horrible, it needs to be rescued
My dissertation proposal, or rather my lack of a dissertation proposal
Developing a new charter school amid weird school politics
Our children's academic futures

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