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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A very full world over here

Wow Kidist has been home a month already and we have just been in a whirlwind of activities, work, play dates, doctors appointments, school visits, swimming and playing. I have been working part time, taking Kidist in with me to work. However when she sees the boys going to camps/pre-school she was upset that she couldn't go too. So last week we enrolled her into the Edventure 'Spa Science' camp. It turned out that two girls from our UU congregation were going, plus a third was there but in a different camp. Kidist had such a great time. This week 'gee-maw' and Papa Mike are visiting. We have been swimming a lot this summer- and Kidist has basically taught herself to swim. She decided last Saturday -no more vest.  Its amazing to watch how comfortable she is in the water. Sam is like a fish as well- its great for his legs, sensory issues and to expel lots of energy.
Kidist and Sam are continuing to get along very well- but not too fake. She sets limits for him and has to reign him in- which is very typical. She is not bonding much with Gabe. Hes older and a boy and seems out of her realm of interest....but he does she her stuff like handstands and how to do flips in the water. She loves Brave but has been asking for Cinderella. I am not sure where she was exposed to Cinderella- but she kept asking and asking. My mom bought her a Cinderella doll two days ago and I got her the movie. She has a bit of an obsession...especially when she saw in the DVD case a little brochure about going to Disney and meeting the princesses....she jumped up and showed it to me. Yikes!
She is excited about school and asks about it nearly every day. I had to go out of my way to find people to tell her, in Amharic, that her camp was not school (i wish it were, baby!) School starts early here- August 19th. She will be in the 2nd grade :) Sam will be joining her at the same school, but in Kindergarten and Gabe will be at a near by public elementary in 4th schools for everyone. Anxiety for me
Kidist's English is coming along well, but I really do not want her to loose her Amharic so I try and find weekly chances for her to use it.
I am trying to find time to update the blog- but I have been working for the developing charter school and Sustainable Carolina- plus being a mommy to three, sometime four kids! Its been a bit crazy, but in a good way. Kidist also loves her dad.... which is great. Kidist and Sam will be at the Little Gym this year for dance and tumbling. We are all pretty excited! * I don't have as many pictures of Gabe because he alternates between his dads house and ours in the summer- so he is not around as much....and when he is, he is usually hiding and playing on the Kindle or Slate!


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