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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer fun, homestudy prep for #2

whew so i have said it before, and shall now say it again, my summer as a stay-at-home mom is anything but "at home". This week i had a job interview (with the state department, no less- it went pretty well) the same day there was car drama that cost me like $300. Yesterday we spent the afternoon at Monkey Joes (Sam and I). Sam then had OT. We jumped on the trampoline as well....his legs were worn out! This morning Sam accompanied me to UUCC for a Hogwarts camp meeting and then we met some friends at Edventure Children's Museum....Sam has been taking near 2 hour naps each day- I must be wearing his little butt out!@ Last wee we had lots of fun with Hogwarts camp. Gabe took quiddich (spelling??) very seriously. It was a hectic, fun, busy, chaotic week- and we are doing it all again next week.
Tomorrow is our last homestudy visit :) Our SW Hollie will be here about 12. Tonight our agency program director wants to have a conference call with John and I. Our formal application was sent last week. We do a separate "intent to adopt" application when we get preliminarily matched with our little girl K.
Also I have been reviewing Amaric/Ethiopian names for K's middle name....that has been fun. Our agency that is doing the homestudy said that they planned for the formal write up to be done within a week or so of our last visit. Although we are still waiting on Johns medical sheet- ugh (long story)

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