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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Exhaustion - phase 1

so theres three weeks of Hogwarts Camp that i am the assistant "headmistress"/director for. We are in day two of week one....and my legs are killing me. I have spent the better part of five weeks either laid up with Sam on the couch or maybe int he pool helping him swim and recover. I do work at a large dog kennel/groomers/vet on the weekends (i am that much iof an animal person, getting paid next to nothing)- i get run ragged on the weekends a bit- but certainly 60+ dogs are actually LESS demanding than 21 students (20 campers and one "house elf" named Sam- guess who that is). The camp has been fun to plan, and the execution is going pretty well- with some kinks being ironed out on the fly. Gabe is really enjoying it and Sam is holding his own. Sam is actually doing much better walking- and is well on the road to recovery. He starts his OT tomorrow and gets his new braces! He shall soon be a force to be reckoned with.
Gabe is also getting very good at tae kwon do and has a belt test next week! Wish him luck. We are fostering two doggies, and are trying to get things planned for a little night out for my birthday this i just feel like i am running a mile a minute. Additionally we both just got our physicals for our medical reports- needed for our adoption home-study.....and our home-study visit is next Thursday!!! We sent the long first part of our formal application in last week as well and have been doing lots more research on out of birth-order adoption.  Maybe after next Thursday i will feel a bit like i am getting out of this tornado of activity. Its a good kind of exhaustion...

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  1. "a good kind of exhaustion". i like that. :) and a hogwarts camp sounds like a dream for me!!!