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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

little steps little legs

so there is a great amount of frustration on the part of Sam and ourselves that hes not able to walk very well. Its a combination of weakness and pain- poor little man. Hes been annoyed because all other times the casts have been taken off hes been able to walk better....and now this. We go for his AFO brace fitting on Friday and I hope they can rush the production. We have Hogwarts camp next week, and it will be difficult for him to be my "little house elf"- Screetcher- if he cant walk :( so we may get the wheel chair back while the braces are in production

K adoption front (her name begins with a K and we will be keeping that name)- We sent int he first packet of documents for our home study- background clearance forms, financial statements, the boys' physicals/immunizations. Now we are waiting for our references and for our physicals to be done. Mine will be complete tomorrow :)-then we wait for Johns and our last HS visit .....with July 4th getting close, i hope to at least get the HS done by the end of July
The good news is that the agency director told us we can now be matched with her. The formal referral paperwork will be sent after the HS is written, but being "matched" means that other families will not be able to request her referral/match. That's a relief.....we aren't the type to just get a HS and prep a dossier to blindly wait to be matched. I dunno, but i just need to know who we are striving for....who we are putting together all these documents, visiting the Dept of Homeland Security folks for fingerprints for, having her face to look at makes it more real.
We still have to complete the rest of our formal application for our new agency, which we were told we could wait on- since there's a large payment towards the adoption required....ugh. Yay for my part time jobs !
Asst camp director, weekend kennel tech work and i still get to have the boys with me all the time- but money will be super tight until the refund comes..which has been delayed for several reasons...TAX ID number then needing to get his birth certificate and documents back from sending in to change name and birth date....
I feel trapped by paper work most days- but its for a good cause of course

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