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Friday, June 1, 2012

Busting out of this piece!!

Well this "piece" is the last cast and splint-wrap that are still holding on to Sam's legs. He has bee in casts for 5 weeks....i am fearful of the condition of his muscles and if he can walk much at all today. We visit the doctor at 1:30. To recap- he had surgery in late April to extend tendons in his left, to reassign several tendons in his left and right foot. We chose to do all the surgical work at once as opposed to in stages, which is sometimes done with younger kids....its been an ordeal but one that will help him walk properly.
These are pictures of his legs from his court date:
He has been in and out of casting for years- NO MORE!

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  1. My heart breaks for this little boy!! I pray you all get some good news from the doctors!!