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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Post-casting update

Sam was super happy about getting the casts and splits off. His little legs were quite atrophied and since he has not been fitted for his braces, he is not able to walk at all unassisted as I had hoped he could. So it looks like a long haul- but once his AFO (ankle-foot-orthotic) braces are made then we will be in a much better place. Here are some pictures of the de-casting
We are trying to help him walk, cruise and stand on his own. He is in some significant pain on the left foot around the sutures and such. I hope the tendons are healing well. Please send Sam some healing thoughts :)


  1. Hoping for healing quickly for those two little legs... But glad to see that awesome smile is still shining brightly despite the pain and frustration.

    Can't wait to hear more about the next kiddos process...

  2. Prayers headed your way. I love that photo. Such joy!