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Monday, March 4, 2013

Half asleep on a Monday night

Mondays are draining- I have leadership meetings at work, grading and teaching and attending a night class, plus dealing with trying to get the boy's school situated for next year. We are researching many schools for the boys. My favoirte so far being the Columbia Jewish Day School. We feel this will be a perfect fit and the educational philosophy of this school is amazing. I have also had to spend time fielding emails from Sams teacher- his behavior at his pre school is has been less than stellar. The honey moon phase may be over. Anyhow, Mondays are a bit crazy- I work from 830 to 430 and then have night class til almost 12 hours on campus!

John has a weird job situation- his soon to be former work place is experiencing some mega turmoil- like huge legal battles with over 2/3 of the staff laid off/. John is actually still there- but likely not for long. He starts a promising new position soon but because of the 3 month probationary time frame- it looks like we must request special permission for me to travel to Ethiopia for court solo....not ideal.
However we will all travel to bring K home- we are fortunate to have prepaid for our food and lodging and now must focus on the airfare. We are looking at close to $7K for both trips.
$1500 for me (court) and then another $6000 + for our homecoming trip. Whew

I have doctored a picture - I am not able to show her face or name.

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