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Monday, March 11, 2013

Still waiting for court..going solo is a big possibility

I thought that by my spring break we would be scheduled for court and on our way to seeing K for the first time- but that has not yet happened. To top it off, we have had some rather difficult issues arise concerning John's employment. Well after months of work stress, the closing of a factory and a lawsuit involving the partners  John is now venturing on to a new position with a new company . The position is with a company that is near Rock Hill, SC- an hour away. We are excited about it though- and he starts next week. At the present time I am still working part time with the University of South Carolina with Sustainable Caroline. The big monkey-wrench of Johns new job is that this position is in a high-paced environment with large scale projects already in production and a three month probationary period in which there is a big evaluation at the end. So after some serious discussions with each other and our social worker- we have now officially processed a power of attorney and sent the it along with a request to the US and Ethiopian embassies to be authenticated- explaining our situation and requesting permission that I travel alone for court. I hate to have to do this, but we can not jeopardize John's new position nor do we want to wait an extra three months for court. We fully expect all of us to travel for K's homecoming and to bring Sam to visit some key places in Ethiopia. We really need to start saving money in order to take Sam back to Ethiopia for a "heritage trip" and also take Gabriel, who has asked several times to visit Ethiopia.  We should hopefully have these documents back by the end of next week- and I will be taking them with me in person to the high court in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. We could get notified of a court date any day now.  Lets hope and pray that my presence in court is enough and we can pass with just me in attendance. Other agencies have sent only one parent for court as a basic practice. Our agency rarely has done this. All that adoption stress is staying at the back of my mind, as I try and focus on family time in this beautiful weather!
We really enjoyed a beautiful early spring day yesterday. The kids, John and I were outside for over 5 hours- a trip to the zoo and playing outside with bikes, dogs, tortoises and the trampoline.

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