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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Court trip planning

I was so excited to get the email on Monday that we received our court date. I cheered through the office at Sustainable Carolina and was just so jolted by excitement Our day is Friday, April 12. I will be leaving South Carolina on April 9th at 6 am, arriving April 10th at 7am. I am flying Ethiopia Air, the straight shot right from Dulles. I loved that flight when I went on Sam's embassy trip. An interesting case of serendipity or divine intervention- I decided to go with a local travel agent, the one who helped me with my recent Florida trip. I called her and explained the trip I needed and that we are adopting a child and it turns out that she is adopted, too. We talked about adoption, our families and kids/school. She is a big adoption advocate/supporter and was just overjoyed to help me. She found me the most direct flight, right from Columbia, for a great great price. *If you are reading Mrs. Lynne- thanks so so much for your help and support.

Another bit of good news- at least two other WHFC families are traveling for court as well, and I look forward to meeting them. I tweaked and edited K's family book and ordered two copies. One to take and leave with her and one to give her again later in case the first one gets lost. I do not believe many children are at the transition house, so i hope to bring some nice little gifts for those there. I hope to find out more about the children there tomorrow when I talk with our case manager.
One additional bit of adoption serendipity- a new colleague of John's adopted twins from Ethiopia two years ago! He is excited to get to know him and his family a bit more.
We have been so fortunate to start a little fundraising page and have received several hundred dollars from family and friends. We are so grateful and lucky to have such supportive people in our lives. We are also contending with issues of fear and ridicule, stemming from lack of understanding and general ignorance of our family's situation. I never expected everyone to be supportive . Of course we have always felt in the back of our minds that we will meet people who feel they have a place to be vocally judgmental . Oh well, its their loss. They may have a deep seeded feeling against adoption, against mixed race families or somehow feel that our biological children should always be favored over our adopted children. The fact is, John and I do not have bio children together. Our kids are from previous marriages and we chose adoption first and foremost as our chosen route to expand our family. We could likely have our own children by birth, but feel spiritually and ethically called to adopt older SN children. We are not seeking support from everyone, or even an understanding. But we do ask that those who choose to ridicule and cast judgment evaluate the values guiding their own lives first. 

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  1. I just found your blog. Congrats on your court date - what an exciting time! We adopted two kids from WHFC and have been home a little over a year now. I am so jealous of your upcoming travel. I loved every minute in Ethiopia and am dying to go back soon.