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Sunday, March 24, 2013

More documents in hand and pictures and tears

This week was eventful- from getting our official court date on Monday- the same day that we started our fund-raising site, buying plane tickets in Tuesday, getting the nationally authenticated power of attorney on Wednesday and getting new photos of K and her sister on Thursday.  It has been a whirlwind of a week. I became quite emotional when E, our case worker, told me that K's sister did come to visit when she was in Addis for her court date. I was sent several pictures of the two of them, and a couple of just K. I am really happy her sister chose to visit. I know it may have stirred up deep emotions, and maybe cause regression in grieving, but i would have hated to tell K down the road, that her sister had the opportunity to visit and say good bye, but chose not to. I also really hope to have some sort of contact with her sister in the years to come- and having those pictures are priceless. We were so fortunate to have raised over $500 to help with travel. These funds are going to help Sam and Gabe travel for our embassy/home-coming trip. I really feel it is important we all travel together and come home complete (a complete wreck- ha).
Anyhow- today we visited the State Museum....i have a few pictures

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  1. That is great that you got those pictures. I wish that we had some photos of our kids with their birth family. I know they visited while the kids were at Horizon House, but no one captured that for us.