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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Fair and other milestones

Last year Sam was in casts and could not partake in the festive frenzy that is our state fair. Not only that, the day i snuck gabe out of the house to take him to the fair, it rained. So this was a major do-over and it was AWESOME. The boys had a joyous time....Sam has no fear with rides and has embraced the "hands in the air" pose with all rides...even ones that dont require it (ferris wheel, bumper cars?) Gabe has grown tall enogh to ride nearly everything and he took some big risks this year with "fireball" and the super swings....i joined him on both...then he went THREE MORE TIMES, sans mom. I was there for food, food and more food....and i can attest to  my victory as i ate my powdered sugar, cheery and hot fudge funnel cake for breakfast.
oh yeah, and we also completed our dossier this week for K....and she was moved to the transition home....and possibly told of her being
no big thang, right?



  1. One big step closer to K. Congratulations! The fair sounds great too.