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Monday, October 8, 2012


when a child is kept barricaded in a hall way for two hours, denied to go potty, eat his snack or go back in class by the teacher who is supposed to be the one to guide him and connect with him - ADVOCATE

If i have learned one thing it is the "good schools" are only as good as how they treat thier most challenged children.

Yeah, we are working through some things.

When a teacher insists on playing a game of wills with a 4 year old from a hard place, the teacher gets frustrated.....and calls for back up (us). You see, my four year old often always wins in a battle of wills. It was his strong will that got him through three years in an institution, walking on his hands, with limited food, limited love, limited medical care. So when a "teacher" finds the need to battle out an apology from him, from an infraction that took place TWO HOURS previous- he wins....he can wait her out- for at least three years or more.

Dr. Purvis- please come do some professional education for teachers. They dont attend the seminars because maybe they think they know all of this already.....they get mad at parents for telling them that they dont, in fact, know all of this already


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