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Friday, November 12, 2010

The waiting game

I can be frustrated and annoyed but I wont (its been since July that any medical check-up was done and the doctor is now "on leave")....since its November and the time to be thankful, (well, thats really any time)- I am going to be thankful- Thankful we have already seen little man S's face and never spent a day on the wait list (we went right through the WC program), thankful our dossier has been been sent to Ethiopia, thankful that the prices I am researching for February flights are cheap (really, this looks to be a great time to fly, even if its 2 months later than I thought we would go), thankful that I have an amazing husband that does so much around the house so I can work two jobs and go to school (this will change when S gets here....but its my reality right now), thankful I have an amazing 6 year old who will be 7 in just three weeks- and he is just the smartest, most inquisitive child i have yet to meet (and I am a teacher), thankful that the money is almost all together- after a grant I get in January we will have all our travel money; thankful for Thanksgiving break and Winterbreak coming up- of which i never have to worry about taking time off b/c I am in education !

...i am just hoping for a court date and update soon......
Little Man S has club feet and has had at least two surgeries and is supposed to be in casts/braces. I have yet to see these braces in any picture which has me concerned. So during the holiday break I shall be researching this big time, and hope to have some sort of medical update to go from. The one I got in August (which was actually done in July) says he is walking and such...mentions the "pop-casts" he is wearing, but no pictures show those....I did get actual pictures of his feet in September (her was sitting on a baby potty- yay, potty training).... so those are what we are going with now....
I have found a OT therapy place, that also helps with sensory issues and Autism/aspergers etc - so its a great place for motor as well as some emotional/social issues

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