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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Waiting for a court date- all documents translated!

Well well last night i emailed and asked Jenn specifically if our dossier had even gotten to Ethiopia yet, since I had not been told anything. Just now I got an email from Jenn (part of the HOLT Africa program)  that said our materials all arrived the first week of November, and it took about two weeks to translate them- and they were all set for court. Which means in 4 to 6 weeks we will be notified of our court date (possibly sooner, since HOLT tends to give the longest possible range). What is odd about this is that we were never officially told our dossier was even in ET, let alone translated, let alone submitted for court...which i think is/will be done this week (since Jenn said we are expecting to know the date in 4-6 weeks)...its great news, and we are moving right along. It seems that the court dates have tended to be about 6 weeks from when the family/agency is notified. So if we get notified of our court date around Xmas, then most likley we will be going to court in Ethiopia in mid-Feb....what a great Valentines gift. Althought i havent gotten a health report in month, this is great news...maybe even better news because it puts us several steps closer

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