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Thursday, November 15, 2012


Because it seems another blogger with two beautiful little boys from Ethiopia, and other awesome kids, was in my mind regarding her reflections on the Month of Thankfulness and how we often start this and then it goes awry- I am right there with you. I have so much to be thankful for!
I am up late (late for me is past 10:15), with a weird case of heartburn that has stemmed from this afternoons lunch with my husband. He is playing with his new Samsung Galaxy phone that he got today- right before our lunch celebrating his new job, and his move from the technological dark ages (he has a flip phone, ya'll) to the realm of the modern "smart phone" which will most likely bring weeks of frustration before he learns how to use it properly. He has already found nerdy engineering apps to install- which may have been the cause of my heart burn.
So yes, John begins a new job in the next few weeks- which we are super thankful for. Sam is doing well with school, as is Gabe. I am holding my own, but not over exerting myself, as per usual. I am partially done with one final paper, and have yet to start on the other. Lets see what i can do with the next two weeks.
We have been in the waiting game for dossier news, that it has been approved and is on its way to Ethiopia. Our placement agreement, more immigration forms, dossier and the last big a$$ check has all been sent and received- exciting. I have received some travel documents from our agency and need to contemplate how we will do our visas. We are still hoping for a late January court date. Maybe by Valentines day? Anyhow, we need to make a photo book for K and to complete one for Sam - about his first year home. Shutterfly and i have had an estranged relationship and i must rekindle it! Ok sleep time.....tomorrow is a big day- Gabe and I will be going to the Mountain retreat center with the UUCC ! Yay Youth Con!

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