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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Busy crazy and still waiting

well our dossier still sits here all prepared to be sent off and we *still* are waiting for two documents from our i am not the happiest regarding the adoption front- but i have tons of things to side track my "antsy waiting- impatient" mode. One of my dear friends is getting married this Saturday- i will be a brides maid :) So i am leaving at 4:00 to travel a bit and get to the rehearsal dinner. Before that i have some volunteering i would like to do, a few things to take care of for work/school and a late lunch event for work....also i should probably pack and make sure i dont forget my dress. Gabe has a fencing clinic this weekend that i hope and pray goes ok since John and I will be away at the wedding and Gabe will be going with his friend. I am not sure he has done 5 hours of intensive anything let along an athletic activity.
On the home front- Halloween came and went like a blur. We went all out with our yard and the kids did several events as per usual- zoo, art museum, trick or treating with the senior center and then the traditional stuff. Other home front issues- John is still interviewing with several companies locally and hopefully will be given an offer of some sort in the next week or two. I may begin tutoring again soon- the main adoption expense is travel and the kids passports....not cheap.


  1. That is the cutest Ironman. Ever.

    Hope things on the dossier front get moving quickly. I remember that frustration WELL.

  2. apologies for my picture thats not turned :( It was a late night
    These are from the day we went to Boo at the Zoo. Sam had a melt down the day of actual Halloween and stayed home with moi to give out candy- he calmed down and had a great time after a while