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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Gifts that Give Back

Here are some of the wonderful programs and items that have real holiday 'meaning'


Wonderful site with so much to offer: Global Goods Partners
This site has gifts as low as $15, for him and for her, for baby and pets and for the house. All items are fair trade from Cambodia, Bolivia,Colombia, India, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Peru, Thailand

Many items on the new "World of Good" Ebay- green site

There are so many sellers who focus on a variety if different green and sustainable ideas and concepts.


These are just some of the many organizations that are focused on giving back this holiday season, and any season for that matter:)
I am excited about some forth coming Sole-rebel shoes for me and my kids and will also be buying several items via the Global Goods Partners site!
Happy shopping and happy world changing :)


  1. let me know if/when you get your solerebels! i ordered mine 1.5 months ago and they still haven't arrived. :( can't wait to give them a try since they have SO many super cute styles!

    1. why is it there are all these solerebel stores in Asian countries that have tons of them?! grrr. I am ordering this weekend....i am guessing they will be Valentines day presents. but i am excited....they are cooler than TOMS. hehe