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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tuesday home

"Zimbay! Too Loud!" That is what Sam is yelling at the carpenters and contractors who are inhabiting our upstairs. He is also doing his word puzzles which he loves. I am staying home today and john is staying home the rest of the week b/c of the construction (last week the crew brokje something of ours bascially every day) and to get some one-on-one time with Sam. He has been throwing and spitting and we are trying to really see how these behaviors are playing out. He does not do them with us so much....we are thinking that he is doing it to garner individual attention from teachers at his school and at the gym childcare center. We value the one on one attention we can give him, but realistically he needs to be able to accomodate learning in a  group will happen, but i want us to really evaluate his problem behaviors (we need to evaluate ours as well, heheh). I have been obsessed with job dreaming....i need to get out of the classroom and possibly just focus on grad school and research....but woud like to do something part time in the i am really contimplating getting certified to teach yoga or go back to working with ABA training for autistic children- there is also a position as the school program coordinator at the zoo but the pay is pretty weak.....hmmmm can't i just transition right now? I love being home!! Even though right now Sam is yelling at workers up in the frontof the house while i am online back in the kitch...hehehe tisk tisk

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