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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Renovations suck

well this is week three or four that part of our ceiling upstairs has been missing....there is weird black soot like dust every where, one of the crew men broke our toilet as well as our master bedroom ceiling fan/ progress towards actual repair. We have been told that it took so long because we requested our ceilings to be done in the historic fashion of our house...and the wood had to be milled by hand, yadda yadda. Well the wood should start to be put in place this coming week, then plaster repair, modling replacement , sealing , new insullation in attuc and better be complete by Thanksgiving. John will be home a good part of next week because he is in job transition- maybe with him here the workcrew wont continue to be careless and break things. One can only hope.
In family news: Gabe and Ross and i all went to the fall festivbal today- held at Gabes school. Trick or treating was awesome last Monday in Elmwood Park, a beautiful historic neighborhood, in which 85% of the houses went ALL OUT and really made the area a Halloween was beautiful, scarey and exciting all at once. Gabe lost two teeth this week- which he promtly explained that he had to because he wanted money for the bookfair. He previously asked me for money for the book fair but i declined since he has several books recntly purchased from the bookstore which have yet to be read. It seems that he felt he should take matters into his own hands, or mouth, rather. So, this creative child has managed to pull out two teeth and now is the gleeful owner of a new book Ninjago.
Sam is doing wonderfully- he is speaking in three/four word sentences and has mastered the word "No" and "no way"- haha. He was confused about the act of giving candy away to trick or treaters, since he spent many evenigns at Halloween carnivals requesting candy. The poor, confused, toddler. As of next week we are taking longer breaks between castings. I am trying to finish some end of semester papers, which will be the end of my mental stability. I should get some pictures up in this piece

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