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Thursday, May 5, 2011

show and share

Gabe took the photo album we made for him (Gabe) and the one we made for S ( a family book showing lots of the house and siblings/family etc) to school to show with his fellow classmates and teacher. He is getting excited....he knows he will be out of school when S will most likley come home (i hope end of July?) and now wants to come along with me....hmmm i dunno- it would be amazing for him, but John is not coming so it would just be me...but actually Gabe has so much patience and loves kids- that he could probably really entertain and bond with S.....but the $$ is a factor, so who knows
I have travle on my mind so much that i need to stop and realize i got other errands to do, like pay for th einternet and cell phones before they are turned off (no automatic draft after too many mishaps with Timewarner cable)
Trips- book, John is plannign London stuff ...we have 13 hours (so really probably just 10) hours the way there and from noon to 7am the next day on the way back....both Sunday we will hit up some pubs, the Piccadilly Circus, Westminster and the Eye oh and the Tate Modern....not sure what order or how...but those will get done. We are staying quite near the airport so i hope the 4:45 am wake up call means we can get rushed to the airport to sleep in a chair until we board- yikes!
This weekend is GREAT WOLF LODGE! I love water parks with my sons...and cant wait to take S

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