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Saturday, May 14, 2011

One Week

ONE WEEK AGO  Happy Belated Mothers Day: last weekend i was at Great Wolf Lodge with my son, step son , step daugher, my wonderful husband and my son's best friend, dale. We had a blast- especially on Mothers day- it was so empty- no lines, we got lots of chairs by the outside pool/splash was awesome!!! we went last year and it was also special for many reasons- my mom and step dad joined us, it was also mothers day and that Saturday was the first day we met the social worker who would be doing our homestudy.  It was our first interview.....the friday before that mothers day we sent off our official application to HOLT for their ET program, after applying for the WC program. So basically last weekend marked the year anniversay of officially begining our adoption journey.

ONE WEEK FROM NOW: We will finish packing our things, drop off our children with their respective other parents (yay for being a blended- 2nd-marriage household) go through the details with our pet sitters/house sitters and be on our way to the airport. We still have so much do get done (why am i wasting time writing this?!)- this is the last prep weekend plus its the last week of school for me since i will be in Ethiopia during the *real* last week of i am just running in so many directions.
Grades gotta be in, projects for my homebound girls (who all had babies in the last three weeks), end-of-year stuff at school, packing,  SO MUCH!

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