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Friday, May 20, 2011

One Day

In 24 hours we will be awake (there is a good chance I will be awake much before 7am with anxious stomach flip-flops) but by 7am the HHR packing will conevene, i will recheck our binder (still not allthe way put together) we will duct tape and luggage strap our donation bins, we will prepare our carry on items with needed reading material, snacks, tp and an extra day's worth of clothes so that the folks in London do not think Americans are loud ,weird AND smelly (maybe just the first two). We will kiss and hug the kids staying here, and drive them to thier respective other parents, love on our doggies and psycho-kitty and hope we packed everything we needed to.
Today is a farewell "move-up" ceremony for my students at school, and I am happy to be able to see this b/c next week when some of the most memorable, special, hilarious and ingenius students I have ever taught will walk across the stage to graduate I wont be there.
Lets see- other things i wont be here for : My son's end of year field day and picnic- i have gone every year since hes been in school. Also the last show of Oprah, the Hangover II and I believe So You Think You Can Dance and the Bachelorette all come back - (Thats it, we gotta postpone the court trip!!!) hehee
I wonder if these things will even cross my sons field day- yes of course, and graduation. I wonder how my mind and heart will change over the next week....and that of my husband's. I wonder how the mind and heart of our new son will change over the next week as he navigates feelings of fear, curiosity and love. I am not overly religious but i feel called to do this...i have always felt called to go to Ethiopia, but even more so to help children so in need, to experience such a beautiful culture and to grow my family in this way.

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  1. Hooray!!! I know it's hard to think about what you are leaving...but bring on the life-changing trip!