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Saturday, August 21, 2010

teacher-student-mother-wife-petowner- SCATTER BRAINED

This past week school started for me times three. Gabe is now a first grader, I am back teaching at Columbia High School and I am also back in grad school- this time in pursuit of my Ed. D in Curriculum and Instruction. Go Gamecocks! (the real "Carolina") hehehe
I am taking two courses online and one at USC on Thursday evenings when Gabe is with his dad.
Gabe has moved up to a new montessori class with 1st-2nd and 3rd grades. I thought he would feel weird about being the youngest grade. However, he is strutting around like a BMOC because he is friends with 3rd graders. Hehehe its too cute. He is also starting soccer this year. His friends play but this has been the first year he has asked to play...he has tended to shy away from team sports.
So its been quite easy to put the adoption in the back of my mind (whats left of my mind)...but we are still awaiting finger print dates. We got confirmation from Fedex and DSS that our homestudy was sent to the NBC and received Aug 14th- ...we have not been contacted yet requesting any further we wait...
We are also in grant application mode...and currently are working on three.... i  need an assistant or there needs to be more hours added to the day.

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