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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

spinning and going too many directions at once

Yay for mid-August its the beginning of school- new curriculum to develop, new students to get to know, new requirements of my time (damn being the "learning team leader" for Geography), service-learning projects to develop, Gabe is starting 1st grade, I am resuming grad- work, and we are waiting on finger print dates for finalizing our immigration forms!! After this, all we really do is wait for our case to be submitted to court. I guess its good to have so many things to side track my mind from obsessing over adoption- and i am excited about my new projects...but i already feel exhausted and overwhelmed. Mind you, once S is honme it will be FMLA time- and I am using all of it (most likley)- so that could mean - no more teaching after February/March- but for right now i am buzzing around like the craziest worker-bee....ugh and i just forgot that Gabe is also starting back at soccer and karate...ok, thats it, there really needs to be 2 of me.

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