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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Show me the Money

well we all know adoption is expensive (duh) and all those crafty sista's out there who make jewlery and clothes and bibs and pottery, beads, crochet- I have to hand it to you...i admire and appreciate craftiness but have little ability for it. So i am putting my talents to use and tutoring athletes at USC (go gamecocks) and working at an afterschool program three evenings a week for a middle school...i may not do both of these jobs- it matters what hours they can give me. The USC gig only pays $10 an hour (work study $ i am eleigible for) But the middle school tutoring job pays like $25 an hour. So thats how i am earning some extra $. We are also getting a small grant, and I personally have a large amount of my financial aid grant $ left over from grad school. I elected to take as much $ as i could - so that after S comes home (bascially after next Easter) i can work/study part time and have April-August home with him. So i am not fretting about $ too much...not like I was last April when it kept me awake at night. I seriosuly had ulcers about it.... i am happy to be able to get those extra jobs though- and it keeps me in my field :)

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