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Sunday, October 20, 2013

How long has it been?

well i am finally coming up for air....these last two months have been a whirlwind of school, stress, medical issues, new work issues, works conferences, Disney trips, parent visits, school conferences, john being out of town. Its been a roller coaster - Our school year started off with a rough start....we are still very much in that rough start , but its getting easier. Gabe had some issues transitioning to his new classwork routines- with extra homework, more things to be responsible for. However he really did shine brightly with his peers, socially speaking. He began an Pokemon club, joined the steel drum band, and has made some new friends. His grades aren't where we want them to be, but he is really having to adjust to a great deal . Kidist has been the one child to have a seamless transition- she does great in school, loves her teacher, loves the staff- has so many friends, helps with the babies, gives everyone hugs all the time. Her health is great, her adjustment has been really good and she is just thriving. Theres some issue with a prescription injection we need for her- but we are trying to work that out with insurance. Sam continues to be challenged by sensory issues that have reared their ugly heads. He had the roughest start of everyone- but still has a zest and love for going to school. He just gets so very worked up when he lacks control of the activities or the routine changes. We have found an OT who is adept to sensory issues, as is the asst principal. They are working with him at least twice a week- the OT comes to the school. Also, we have also cut out wheat, artificial dyes, take 2400 mg of omega fatty acids, and Sam is also taking 10 mg of Focaline. Its been a good change...hes making progress, we are working out kinks, there are side effects we have to deal with (like lack of appetite and weird leg/head aches late in the afternoon). But hes making improvements and is more focused and mentally engaged with his work and surroundings. Today we went to a birthday party- and had a cupcake (wheat,) with a good amount of colored frosting and two cups of bright red Hawaiian punch. He has not had these things, especially all at once, in 6 or 7 weeks. For the two hours that followed this concoction- he zipped around, running like a maniac, jumped like a wild man on the trampoline, then  proceeded to try and wrestle and fight Gabe- getting very worked up- clawing up Gabe's arms and legs. When I had to begin dealing with this issue- Sam proceeded to have one of the biggest melt downs I have ever seen from him...starting off really sad- sobbing,, then banging things, then banging his head on the bench at the table.... I had to put him in my bed with pillows around the floor to keep him safe. He flailed around yelling and throwing his body against the bed, then would sit up , then throw himself back went on for 30 minutes. This would have been right around when his focaline wore off and the birthday party crap concoction kicked in. I hate seeing him like this but i find it encouraging to have proof of what causes this.....i care for four children, two home grown and two habeshas- and he is the only one with such drastic sensory issues and food sensitivities. So ...our life is a bit messy right now....we tend to have a good grasp on it all- and of course there is more 'good' than 'challenging'- we are making it through. All the staff at Sams new school says things to him like "you are gonna make it...we are keeping you are so smart, you belong here"- ....which is good to hear, given that the first two weeks included Sam fleeing the classroom several times daily, climbing under tables, throwing chairs and just outright refusal to comply with anything.....we are working on it all- every day.
I am sharing all of this, not to be a mom who intending to share TMI about her son from a hard place- but so that other families walking this same road know there are others here along for the journey. Sam has been home two years and we see new challenges often- The attachment is there, the love is there, but we work every day on patience and understanding. And you know if we have issues with patience and understanding, then his teachers must certainly have issues too....


  1. Hallajuah, someone else who gets it. You're doing awesome, keep it up!

  2. Leah Ann let me know when you and your family come take a great vacation to Charleston- we need to get Mojitos!!! i think it needs to happen soon ...ya know, since you dont have anything else to really plan for right now *wink*