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Monday, April 22, 2013

school, work and family sucking me in

Despite the terror that took over Boston- i am trying to focus on K's adoption and her homecoming. That being said- our adoption agency is in Boston (Waltham)- so theres no separating the two. We are having a post-court/ trip two prep call soon.....i hope our social workers have been safe.
Anyhow, I miss K- i want her brothers to meet her. We are super excited about going back for her. I havent been obsessing about it, unlike the way we were with Sam. I am confident in her care at Horizon House. I have loved showing her pictures to people and seeing their eyes light up with surprise when they see she is 7. We haven't gotten her room close to ready yet. I have been sucked in to work and school and family duties. I have been lining up projects for summer, and have an online course to complete- but we are ready to get our butts on a plane at the drop of a hat!

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