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Monday, August 6, 2012

fuzzy in the head

yes..."fuzzy in the head" and i am not talking about Sams hair!! heheh This last week has been a roller coaster. I intended on going to Florida this week with the boys to see my family. However, I was asked to interview for a Veterinary Technician position last Tuesday and then Wednesday i was asked to start at the vet clinic by Friday. As many may know I have left the school where I taught for the last 5 years.. I am in graduate school for my doctorate and the very high-needs, highly "at-risk" school that i was teaching at was just too much for me to juggle with having Sam and his therapies, plus graduate school and prepping a new adoption. This new job is about 27 hours a week, with a wonderful schedule that will allow me to work on school and adoption deadlines:) As Murphy's Law would have it, since beginning this new job I have been called by two different organizations to interview with them for positions. One is a school and the other an educational organization.....go figure. I would possibly consider teaching again at the middle school level, which is what has called me for an interview. However, this middle school is at-risk and will be a challenge- so I ma just unsure about teaching there at all. I must make sure not to over extend my self....working part time would be ideal. I LOVE love love....i wanted to be a vet, and gave that up due to issues with my brain and math (hehehe)...but have always worked with animals in volunteer/pt capacities. So i really enjoy being a vet tech, its something i did years and years ago....but the pay is really crappy...the hours are great, the work is cool...the location of the vet is superb (closest to the boys elementary school and USC!!) Will i interview for the other positions? Most likely- one is really quite a prestigious place. The problem is that i hate constant changes of if i were offered a great job with a cool education foundation, that has a pretty great reputation and pretty awesome pay- it would be pretty sweet- but i would feel so irritated about having to quit the vet tech job, that i really like. Options create a frustrating position....i know i should not complain AT ALL...i just hate to possibly be in that position. Our financial situation scares i know i must work. As much as John would rather me at SAHM, i have to work....i get antsy if i am not busy and i get even antsier (that is a word, right?) when i am not earning $$ for my family. That sounds superficial, but we are in the midst of another special needs adoption....It would be very difficult for us to do this on one income, especially in the paper-chase phase, combined with all the fun adoption fees!!
Speaking of adoption and fees- our I6001 is off to DALLAS, TEXAS!!
Working on reordering certified copies of marriage and birth certificates. John has is...i am awaiting mine. ....we are on a good start for our dossier. We have the ultimate goal of having our complete dossier in Ethiopia, ready to request a court date when the courts reopen in October :)

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