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Sunday, August 12, 2012

dolls, barbies and lipstick

Sam has some new interests. He is the leader of all things dolls and babies at his new preschool, and dont try and steal the toy stroller. Apparently he puts as many babies as her can in it and then proceeds to thrash about the classroom, running around wildly, clipping kids in the ankles. He is also quite fond of barbie and her plastic-y yellow butter hair. Additionally, as i was doing my make-up in the car, before letting him out at his preschool, i put on a somewhat vibrant color of lipstick, which delighted Sam. He said "oh- Momma pretty, I want some" yeah MARRIAGE EQUALITY FOR ALL, because if my little boy ends up wanting to marry a guy, then that will be one sweetly decorated house, and i expect grand kids :)

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