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Friday, April 27, 2012

update that there will be an update

ok all...i have been really slack with updating. We have been busy and crazed and overwhelmed. We took a trip to Fl to see some family and friends before Sam's big surgery. We managed to squeeze two incredible days at Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure in there as well- as a late Sam Birthday/Family trip.
Then yesterday was surgery....THE BIG SURGERY...actually two operations - one on each foot. Sam's left foot needed a great deal more work with reassigning and releasing tendons. Lets just say when Sam is freaked out and is in fight or flight mode- he chooses FIGHT....after over 3 hours of surgery, he was awakened around 1130am and basically stayed awake until 7 or 8pm and only then did he start to sleep in little spurts. He has endured hours and hours of muscle spasms causing so much pain for his little body to take- he would shake and scream with pain - we tried lori-tab, morphine, valium...finally got him calmed around 9pm when he slept for nearly and hour but then was up again for a long time...near 1am he started to sleep for two hours after morphine, 330- more morphine and 2 hours of sleep...then on/off sleep until 7am - he woke up and had a little juice/snack and went back to sleep around 815- hes still asleep...but WHEW this is hard...this "simple procedure" as our agency explained has turned out to be much more extensive then we ever thought.....but we got both feet done and now we are on the road to recovery! I am going to upload pictures of our Universal trip and some of the hospital....more to come

* Adoption news- home study update finally formally began....our DSS/State is changing some forms and its had slowed us down :(

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