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Monday, April 30, 2012

pseudo- stay at home mom

Today began my two and half weeks home with Sam solo ...i will then return to work for about two weeks and then be off.....for who knows how long. This scares and excites me all at once. John and I have spoken at length and finally decided for me to stay home this next year- (thats the current plan).....i have resigned from my current school and plan on taking the summer off, aside from three separate weeks in which i will help direct a summer day-camp. I am exploring other teaching options that are better suited for the research i hope to do and my teaching philosophy- but i am pretty much jobless- and am timidly excited about being a stay at home mom/student.
Today was my first "test-drive" in a good while at being a stay at home mom/ grad student....helping Sam recover from surgery, work on/edit my last paper for the semester, cook lunches and dinners, keep up with the cleaning, getting exercise/ Sam out of the house, helping Gabe with homework and taking the family out to the book my head i am approaching being a stay-at home mom as a job, complete with daily scheduling and such....all the important things i try and get done in my lunch hour or after school i have time to get done and spend time with Sam, pick up Gabe and play with the dogs....i love it! Of course i am still tied to many blogs and such about adoption as we explore our options for the next addition- and Sam probably watched more TV than he should, but hes pretty much immobile.....i know there are many things i need to improve about my full-time mommyness- but its a challenge i am so excited to take on. I am already writing my list for tomorrow :)

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