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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring Break - International Festival

My first day of spring break was pretty busy. Although John, Sam, and I lounged around the house for a while, watched some Mickey Mouse Club and The Soup, cleaned up some and got ready to go visit my friend Michelle and her son Dylan for his 4th birthday at Little Gym- Sam had a blast. With an orange balloon, and candy in hand and with cake frosting on his face Sam and I raced back home to get him in dressed in his Ethiopian outfit (one of two we brought back). We went to the International Festival- and Sam looked so adorable. Blue is a great color on him
More exciting news- adoption training April 14- yep we have to do it again....this is for domestic, we still aren't certain if/when we may begin the formal quest for another beautiful Ethiopian child- which would actually be my preference...but there are so many factors/variables that may prevent that. There are children in need right here, domestic foster-adoption is free and thats probably the more *logical* route....but my heart is in Ethiopia. What has gotten really weird is that Sam asks about it nearly every day now...which is just odd because his language is really developing and he has grown more and more attached to us. Yet he just casually says "Momma I want it go to Opee-opia (Ethiopia)" or "Mamma, I want Opee-opia see it" (i want to see Ethiopia)....He looked at my dvd case/book from Invisible Children and my shirt with many pictures of Ugandans on it...and he always asks me if its "Opee-Opia"
John and I have discussed age ranges and full heartedly feel that a child between 5 and 7 would be best....and the more we evaluate how Sam and Gabe interact with one another and how Sam is with girls versus boys- I actually think a girl would be the best bet - Something i swore never to have. I have been "all boy" since i entertained even having children early in my life, with Sam i chose him from a WC  list....but theres just something i feel that says a 6 year old girl is out there. This feeling was even more verified when the new agency we will most likley go with (should we adopt from ET again- its the only one i have registered with) has sent me a WC file for a girl who is 5/6ish and a double orphan, having been relinquished by a family member...she has a chronic health issue but its manageable and shes just beautiful. I must really pray/meditate and ponder this (which has been hard since i have not gone to yoga/chanting or my meditation group in weeks) the mean time we are still going to be certified for foster care.
In the mean, mean are some awesome pictures of the most beautiful Habesha boy this side of the Mississippi~!

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