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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

bouncing fixes everything

i haven't mentioned much about the magic that is the trampoline. Theres not much my two boys share/have in common....but bouncing on our huge trampoline is one thing they both love to do- together!@!! It brings joy to my heart that they at least have this. Sam officially got in to the Montessori program that Gabe goes to. However, I am really concerned that Sam lacks the focus and independence to really fulfill Montessori work....we will see. I will be working with him as much as possible this summer to help him
Many interesting, exciting and somewhat scary conversations going on- we are preparing for orientation into the foster/adopt program with DSS. At the same time i cant get something out of my mind- another waiting child adoption....i look at WC lists so much- specifically those that are HIV +. This is something i/we have never even talked about or discussed. But after watching a big special on Magic Johnson and then reading up on how HIV is not even considered a fatal illness but a chronic/manageable condition really had opened my eyes. I read over blogs of families with many adopted and bio children and theres something within me that really wants that....something i never thought was there. Its pretty unexpected. Another interesting occurrence is that i have resigned from teaching to focus on grad school work and mommy work...this scared the shit out of me, but at the same time John is very supportive of having me at home, often more than i am . I imagine iw ill be working part fact i am already lining up part time work for the summer (HOGWARTS SUMMER CAMP ANYONE?!?!- for reals at the UUCC) I am not certain i will be a stay at home mom, in them ost traditional since but depending on how Sam does in school, it may be a reality for me for a while. If we go through with becoming foster parents then that will be an even bigger reason to be at home more....its exciting and scary all at once.
Sam is doing wonderfully- hes such a joyful smiley, happy boy. He has these little pouty moments but they are fleeting. We are so lucky and i must remind myself not to fall in love with and idealized version of fostering/adoption because of how well Sam has attached, because this is not always the norm. His language has come so far- its amazing how much he can say an dhow much he knows....i really feel theres barely a difference some days.

Anyhow, i am really trying my hardest to balance school, work and family....its hard but i only have to tough it out for another month!!

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