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Friday, September 23, 2011

Pre school visit

Hi all- Sam, John and I went to visit his new pre school yesterday and had a good time. They are affliated with an area HBC and is a "teaching" Child Development Center- where college students come to do their internships and observations for specific courses under the guidance of experienced preschool teachers with actual degrees in Early Ed. A friend of mine is their director of curriculum (Hi Jennifer) and fellow doctoral student with me, and just all around great teacher and mom. She is already putting me in touch with organizations that provide assisted devices, to try an dget Sam a little walker. He is being seen for a speech/lanaguage evaluation next week. I am happy with my choice :). She and the enrollment director spent over an hour with us in Sams actual class, had him do snack time, story time and some puzzles. He seemed excited but still pretty apprehensive when John or I would stray from his side. He liked the puzzles alot (which i have none of- for his age, so add that to my shopping list) His appetite has come back full force , so his tempermental eating must have been a fluke. Sam has been such a good sport about going into work with me to catch up with my sub and students. He loves being out and about and is always asking for the "beep beep". He has also been staying at the gym child care center (whose staff is great too) for some play time- they have much bigger space, play mats and such that are actually easier to play with than things at home. I really do not think leaving him at preschool will be too problematic or traumatic (i hope). He starts Oct 3rd!!! Where has this time gone? I havent taught since last May, so i really need to get back inot the swing of things....but oh how i woudl love to be a stay at home mom while i did my doctoral year (i said the same thing last year). Gabe has come around and been better with him, and I even had a former student come spend the afternoon with us. Sam grew fond of her (she gave him gummy worms , so of course he will love her! grrrr)
Today is casting day....not fun. I am going to try and squeez in a bath and such. I live less than 2 miles from the i hope we can run home and then back :)

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