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Sunday, September 25, 2011

amazed- so many firsts

WOW- in the last month, Sam has had so many firsts! We have been home one month and have completed our one month post-placement visit. Although i have had Sam for nearly two feels like I have alwasy had him. He has become such an amazing, loving part of our family. His firsts for the last month:
first airplane trip, first night with his family, first trip to the zoo, first trip to the childrens museum, first jump/bouncey-house experience, first eating macaronni and cheese, first time eating a slushy, first time swimming, first ride on a carosel and childrens train, first visit to preschool and church, first trip to a mall and to Target, first pinic and trip to the park. Sam is wonderful and amazing and AFFECTIONATE....its so wonderful being home. We areamazingly lucky to have such an loving and wonderful little boy in our lives.,...i am just in awe that we have bonded so well and so quickly. Yes there are behavior issues, because he is going through many toddler phases- but there is such joy, love and fun to be had!!!!

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