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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Just spectating

well well its my birthday! nothing bg planned...just went to the $ kids movies with Gabe this morning, came home and made lunch. I fear a dead bird or squirell is in my chimney that has a weird sealed iron gate/cover....ugh gross. Gabe is going to his best friends house to sleep over and I hope to make it to an art opening at the museum...just needing to find the free/cheap stuff to do. We usually go to Carowinds -
with all three kids and me and john...but this year the two oldest are at camp this John and I are taking Gabe to the smaller water park on base tomorrow. Yay- saves like $120 right there.
ADOPTION NEWS: There really is none...thi sis the wonderful grey area where paperwork is possibly/probably being completed and I wait to find out the status on the court decree, birth certificate and such to get submitted to embassy. It seems the Ethiopian court officials are a bit ticked off at the slow down that MOWYCA has instigated with these 5 cases a day pace. The federal courts ordered MOWYCA this week to pick it back up tot he pace it was before March 8 because there have just been too many delays. I hope these two agencies can play nice and get things picked back up...MOWCYA has to issue two or three letters for each adoption them working effeciently is essential.
I didn't want anything special more my b-day other than a court decree and that doesnt look like it will happen this week....oh well ...ho-hum :)

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